HYPERSPACE : Else If, Paraphoniks & Uday Dass @ Antisocial : Gig Review


Last night at Antisocial was fun. ‪#‎Hyperspace‬ ‪#‎DelhiGig‬

With Uday Dass taking the driving seat and becoming the saviour for the day. He played what he was known for, deep and dark progressive sounds. Giving a perfect start to the evening.

Paraphoniks, the analog geeks, played some of the songs from their album “Handwired”. We were able to recognize the songs cause we had just heard them day before.

This was probably the first time that Delhi had seen not so conventional live “EDM” gig. But we can say with the surety that the act was well received by the audience. We were able to get our hands on their new album CD as well.

else if were the last one to take over the stage. These fellas were dropping bit glitchy, dreamy and liquid beats and mind you, there was guitar involved.

The event started bit late than the scheduled time and set-up looked less prepared but hey, what can we say, this is Delhi. Besides, what matter is those smiling faces on the dance floor and body moving along with the grooves and which were in good numbers towards the later half of the evening.

Now comes the set-up and concept, you have to applaud Wunderground Experience for the concept of the gig. They had created 3D like spacey projection with the help of white see through drapes and it looked amazing. Antisocial as always been welcoming such acts and providing unconventional clubbing experience and last night was no difference.

Kudos to @Wunderground Experience team for organizing another awesome gig.

Cheers to more in the future!!!

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